Osseodensification with Zygomatic Implantology Utilizing the ZAGA Surgical Concept

    CE Credits Hours: Total 14 Hours

    2 Day Event: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. per day (3 hrs Lecture, 4 hrs Participation) 

    Participants will learn the theory and practice of Zygomatic Surgical Implant Placement including:

    • Diagnostic and Treatment planning
    • Zygomatic Implant Site Development and Instrumentation utilizing Osseodensification
    • Radiographic and clinical assessment for the paranasal sinuses
    • Review criteria of success, complications, and soft tissue management
    • ZAGA Surgical Modalities and Treatment Planning utilizing an actual case example with   CBCT Imaging
    • Surgical Hands-on utilizing Versah® Zygo simulation models
      • Model 1 will simulate Zygomatic implants in combination with normal implants
      • Model 2 will simulate QUAD Zygomatic Implants (2 on each side)