Osseodensification Level I Course (Real-Time Virtual Interactive Hands-on Course)

    CE Credits Hours: Total 7 Hours (3 hrs Lecture – 4 hrs Participation)

    This whole-day real-time interactive hands-on training will allow live demonstration and discussions between Dr. Huwais and all participants.

    Didactic Scientific learning and Hands-on Practical Training.

    The program requires 4 hours of didactic scientific education and clinical cases review as well as additional 3 hours of hands-on simulation with actual bone specimens and simulation models.

    This course will teach the scientific evidence of osseodensification and clinical Versatility of Osseodensification utilizing the Densah Bur technology, and will prepare participants for the Osseodensification Advanced Course.

    1.   Osseodensification: The Scientific Evidence

    The Biomechanical, Histological, and Clinical long-term evidence of Osseodensification will be reviewed and its clinical significance to every day Implant practice will be presented.

    2. This course teaches the clinical Versatility of Osseodensification utilizing the Densah® Bur Technology:

    •    Compaction Autografting technique.
    •   Sub-Crestal Sinus Autografting, 
    •   Lateral Ridge Expansion,
    •     Immediate Implant Placement
    •     Guided Expansion Graft Procedures.
    •     Site optimization utilizing the Densah® Bur to increase Implant Stability.
    •     Densify After Cut (DAC) Protocol.
    •     Universal Guided Surgery Protocol.
    •  What can go wrong? Contraindication for Osseodensification
    •    Review Densifying Reference Guide for all implant system.

    3.   Hands-on interactive live practical training: Utilizing actual bone specimens and simulation model


    9:45am-10:00am: Log in to Zoom Platform with Registration Link

    10:00am-1:00pm: Didactic Lecture

    1:00pm-1:50pm: Log off for lunch break

    1:50pm-2:00pm:   Log in to Zoom Platform with the same registration link

    2:00pm-5:00pm: Osseodensification Clinical Protocols. Practical Hands-On training 

               – Actual bone specimen exercise 

               – Osseodensification Clinical Protocols exercise in a simulation model

    5:00pm-6:00pm: Complications and Discussion

    Dr. Salah Huwais Bio
    Dr. Huwais is the founder of Osseodensification. He maintains a private practice focusing on periodontics and surgical implantology in Jackson, Michigan. Dr. Huwais completed his periodontics and implantology surgical training at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He serves as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, Dental Implant Program.

    The only difference is you won’t have to pay for a flight and hotel! Versah wants to make sure your experience is the same quality as it would be in person. The course format is exactly the same – as well as the hands-on exercises. We will be shipping you the same materials we would provide in person*, and you will still receive 1 on 1 feedback and interaction with Dr. Huwais. Even the lecture portion will be live – not recorded – which allows for real time questions and answers.
    *see below for items that are required by participants

    Prior to the course, participants will receive the following from Versah:
    • Frozen actual bone specimen (tibia)
    • Densah Bur Training Kit*
    • Simulation Model for Osseodensification protocol exercises (Sinus Lift and Ridge Expansion)
    • Empty irrigation bag*
    • High torque indicator*
    • Demo 5x13 implants*
    • Bone dispenser*
    • Drilling tray
    • Bone graft putty material
    • Versah literature and USB

    Pre-addressed return shipping label so all items with (*) will be shipped back to Versah by participant.

    • Surgical implant engine with implant 20:1 contra angle handpiece
    • Irrigation tubing for external irrigation to be connected directly to the handpiece
    • High speed internet (30-60Mbps is needed)
    o For your best experience, click here to test your location internet speed)
    • Computer with external and/or built in camera (laptop camera is preferred)
    • Gloves

    7 CE credits will be provided by Versah upon completion of virtual hands-on training.

    Versah will overnight the materials to you on Monday, the week of the course. This should not only ensure all materials will arrive on time, but also allows a few days in between for Versah to send a replacement shipment before the course, should anything be damaged or missing. If for some reason your materials do not arrive at all, you will be eligible for a full refund, or have the opportunity to transfer into a future course.

    You will receive a return shipping label in the box with all of your materials, as well as instructions on what items need to return to Versah. We ask that all materials are shipped back within 10 business days following the course. If the materials are not sent back on time, a deposit will be charged to your card until we receive them.

    Although phone cameras are great, it is important for you to be able to perform the hands-on exercise on camera – this is to ensure Dr. Huwais can see you perform the exercise during 1 on 1 breakout sessions and give accurate feedback. As you can imagine, this may be difficult to accomplish while holding a phone! We have found laptops with webcams work the best for this course – when you tilt the screen down, it provides a great angle to view your hands while performing the exercises.

    If you encounter an issue with your location internet during our virtual training, simply check your internet connection and speed then reconnect and automatically rejoin the training. For your best experience, click here to test your location internet speed)

    If you are unable to participate in your registered training course, please contact the Versah Events Staff as soon as possible by phone: (517) 990-8466 or by email: events@versah.com.