Autologous Biomaterials & Growth Factors, LPRF

    CE Credits Hours: Total 7 Hours

    Course Description (one-day hands-on course):

    This workshop with hands-on will teach the science-based evidence for the different applications of L-PRF. Including the protocol, biology and science-based evidence related to the use of Osseodensification with autologous bio-materials and grafts for sinus lift as well as, soft and hard tissue regeneration. “What we thought impossible yesterday, could be routine tomorrow.”

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the science-based evidence for L-PRF applications
    • Understand the effect of Osseodensification with autologous biomaterials to optimize implant treatment
    • The synergy of using autologous products and biomimetic implant surfaces for optimized implants healing outcome
    • Understand and learn the use of the right combination of bio-activators and biomaterials to enhance tissue regeneration and implant outcome in challenging cases
    • Utilizing 3D models of a real case for surgical treatment planning for both hard and soft tissue ridge preservation and site optimization
    • Review blood draw techniques to facilitate the harvesting autologous growth factors
    • Review surgical procedures to achieve “Natural Guided Regeneration”

    Prof. Nelson Pinto bio
    Developer of the Natural Guided Regeneration Therapy for Chronic Wounds management with L-PRF. Best Oral Research Presentation: 4th Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies Yokohama , Japan. September 2-6, 2012.