Atrophic Ridge Management

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    CE Credits Hours: Total 7 Hours (7 hrs Lecture) 

    Course Description: (one-day Lecture)

    The maxillary and mandibular edentulous region presents a challenging condition for dental implant placement. Alveolar bone resorption and increased pneumatization of the sinus cavity reduce the amount of alveolar bone necessary to maintain a predictable implant-supported prosthesis. This problem can be overcome by GBR procedures maintaining the horizontal ridge dimensions or grafting the maxillary sinus floor which provides a sufficient quantity of bone for the placement of endosseal dental implants to support a prosthetic reconstruction.

    This lecture will discuss:

    1.  The advantages and utilization of Osseodensification for both Ridge Expansion and Sinus Augmentation enabling the clinician to do a minimally invasive approach
    2. “Outside the box” approach for atrophic ridge management cases with use of autologous growth factors as well as Osseodensification with up to 5 years follow up
    Ziv Mazor, DMD Bio
    He is the past President of the Israeli Periodontal Society. Since 1993, Prof. Mazor has been engaged in clinical research in the field of Bone Augmentation and Sinus Floor Elevation. Prof. Mazor is a renowned author in dental implantology, and is known worldwide for his innovative approaches in cutting-edge procedures and technologies.